Aliyah Olajide

Aliyah in action during a Girls Active session

Aliyah is nominated for the Girls Active Leader award and is in Year 10 at Durants School, a coeducational Special School in Enfield, London.

Although Aliyah has a diagnosis of Autism, which could put many constraints on her, she doesn’t let it stop her. Despite starting the year as shy student, reluctant to take part in active physical activities she not only developed her leadership skills, but her own confidence, enjoying Girls Active.

Over the course of the year Aliyah has participated in a range of activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading, Zumba, take 10 and others.

“Aliyah has made a noticeable improvement in her own confidence as well as her ability to inspire others” says Mrs Bristow, who nominated Aliyah.

“She has encouraged other girls to actively take part in P.E activities and other girls look towards Aliyah as a role model. Aliyah responds to this by demonstrating what it is they need to do and supporting them in the task.”

Aliyah was responsible for teaching the rest of a group for a dance performance, giving direction and inspiring others. Her resilience and positive attitude really motivate her peers.

With support, Aliyah was able to give us the following statements;

“I have enjoyed leading. I found it difficult feeling confident. Physical activity and teamwork help me and other girls to feel more confident.

“I think girls should feel confident to be more active.”

The Girls Active Awards 2019 are open for entry until Friday 18th July. You can nominate here