Sanchia Legister

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From running half, full and ultra marathons to the yoga mat.

Sanchia brings her ‘big ‘fro, big smile and good vibes’ to inspire unapologetic movement and encourage others to indulge in self care and be the best versions of themselves.

Alisha Bethell

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Alisha, a 16 year old a sport fanatic from Highfields School, Derbyshire  loves football and was Highly Commended in Girls Active Awards 2017

Playing football wasn’t an option for Alisha till she was 12 years old. She wants to breakdown this barrier to sport and make all aspects of football equal.

Amy Nugent

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Amy, aged 15 from George Stephenson High School, Newcastle has a strong passion for sport as she believes it can empower both women and men.

As a previous  winner of Girls Active Awards for Wellness Transformation North Region, she believes that more young girls should be given the opportunity to do sports.

Tala Zayat

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Tala, aged 14 from Alperton Community School, Brent, believes that sport and acitivity can help develop life skills and increase confidence.

As a previous South Region winner of Committed Learner category for Girls Active Awards 2017 she wants other girls to gain power and confidence through sport, as she did.

Gracie Rowe

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Gracie, aged 15 used to hate sports,  and would turn the other way until she reached year 9 and was introduced to different sports by her PE teachers at The John Warner School, Hertfordshire.

Now a lover of football, rounders going to the gym,and winner of Wellness Transformation category of Girls Active Awards 2017, South Region, Gracie feels proud to be able to give advice and create training routines for other girls at her school to help them stay active.

Liah Russell

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Liah, aged 17 noticed that a lot of girls seemed to not want to do sport at her school, Bishop Ramsey, London.

As a Highly Commended Girls Active Girl 2017, Liah feels really inspired to carry on encouraging other girls to get involved with sport and activity.

Megan Lowe

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Megan, aged 17, wants to increase the confidence of girls through exercise, specifically trampolining.

By wanting to change the sport and activity scene for other girls in her school – South Dartmoor Community College, Devon, Megan has become more involved with sport herself and won Overall Girls Active Award 2017 Award.

Chloe Brownbill

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Chloe, aged 15 from Great Marlow School in Buckinghamshire won the Girls Active Award for Most Committed Learner last year.

Girls Active has helped Chloe to meet new people and develop her leadership and communication skills as well as giving her the confidence to go outside of her comfort zone. She want all girls to feel this inspired and have the same opportunity.

Girls Active seeks to get 100,000 more girls active by 2018