Amy Smart

Amy Smart, from South Dartmoor Community College, was nominated for the category in the South region.

Amy is a high flyer, who has juggled her Head of House role, leading roles in the school production, keeping her grades at ‘As’, as well as being a committed member of the Girls Active Committee. Her organisation and quirky ideas has made her a valuable member of the group, and her dedication to the weekly meetings has meant she has played a key part in generating new schemes and raised any issues girls are facing. For example: taking suggestions to the Governors with regard to the PE uniform- resulting in positive changes. Amy’s involvement in running clubs such as JustDance, helping with assemblies for ALL females (about 500 students all at once) and being a Head of House meant she was a familiar face for students young and old; this made her approachable and thus a positive link between students and staff. Her honesty in meetings ensured views were shared, and actions taken when realistically possible. The GAC wanted to start an innovative GIRLS ONLY club so Boogie Bounce was born! They realised they needed a lot of funding to set up such a high cost activity so they applied for Sportivate funding so they could purchase 16 trampolines, train an instructor and purchase incentives such as t-shirts. It was a huge success, running for 5×6 weeks, but they wanted to do more, so they set up a Loyalty Card scheme. Every girl now has a card, collecting a sticker for each club they do. They then receive prizes which increase in value the more stickers they collect- thanks to funding, we purchased prizes. We have seen a massive boost in club numbers and more importantly there have been attitude and language changes: ‘strong’, ‘lean’, ‘toned’ replacing ‘skinny’. This would not have happened without the dedication from Amy.