Batoull Misurati

Batoull Misurati is nominated for the Personal Growth category in the 2019 Girls Active Awards.

Girls experiences of PE can often have a detrimental effect on their relationship with sport and physical activity as they grow up. This was certainly what nominee Batoull was contending with, becoming disengaged in PE due to her experiences during Primary years. She was also shy and lacked confidence and had never been part of a team. Since starting Girls without Boundaries, part of Manor Academy’s Girls Active initiative, all of that changed.

Batoull currently attends Manor Academy, a Special Educational Needs school in Sale, Manchester and is in Year 9.

“When Batoull first joined us in year 7, she lacked confidence, self-esteem and upsettingly found working in a team difficult due her specific learning difficulties,” says Head of PE at Manor Academy Mr. Grainger, who nominated Batoull.

“Since starting Girls Without Boundaries (GWOB), part of our inspirational ‘Girls Active’ initiative, working alongside the Youth Sport Trust, Batoull’s personal progress has blossomed in all aspects of school life, PE and especially whilst performing in the GWOB dance group.”

Batoull also told us how these sessions have made a difference for her;

“Doing Girls Without Boundaries has made me feel more confident in front of people and this has helped me in my lessons in school. I like working in a team, I enjoy the dancing and I love the songs. When I am dancing, I feel proud of myself.”

Batoull now seeks out staff and other pupils to express how happy and excited she is to be part of it and speaks up within the group to voice her opinions and feelings. This remarkable difference in a relatively short space of time has not only led to her own progress but that of others around her.

“As her confidence has grown, so have her capabilities and progress” says Mr. Grainger. “The smile on her face says it all! This has been an amazing change, truly inspirational for both pupils and staff at Manor Academy and we are so proud of her.”

Batoull would now like to continue with dance outside of school and is currently looking for opportunities within her local area.

(Batoull is pictured front left with glasses).