Carla Hitchen

Carla Hitchen, from Saint Michael’s COE High School, was nominated for the Committed Learner category in the North region.

“Carla has demonstrated great enthusiasm all throughout the Girls Active programme and even encouraged her friend to start the programme and attend all sessions with her. Carla’s motivation and effort has never failed to impress me and she showed great energy with every physical activity that we did. In particular, Carla really enjoyed the fitness work that we did, especially the zumba sessions were she never stopped dancing for the entire hours session. She has demonstrated commitment throughout and wanted to improve all aspects of health and fitness by trying her very best to learn the physical aspects of the sessions but also it was clear that she really gained the social benefits from doing the activities. She clearly had fun, got to spend time doing something that she enjoyed with friends and went the extra mile in making new friends at the GA sessions too. I am proud of Carla’s attitude, effort, enthusiasm and commitment during the GA programme and know that she will continue to demonstrate these qualities in the future. She has already started participating in other extra-curricular activities at school as a result e.g. handball and entered the Pretty Mudder event which takes place on a Saturday later in June.”