Girls Active is making a positive difference, with schools reporting that it is improving girls’ attitudes to school, raising confidence and self-esteem, and increasing levels of participation in sporting activities and fitness among girls.
In 2017 the inaugural Girls Active Awards will recognise individual students and their schools, for personal achievements, transformations and inspirational leadership through increased physical activity.

Regional winners will be chosen from the North, Central and South of England in July, with three national winners announced in October 2017 along with one overall winner who will be appointed as the National Girls Active Winner for 2017/18.


Girls Active Committed

This award recognises improved commitment to learning as a direct result of increased activity or sports participation. This award recognises improved commitment to learning such as concentration, effort, behaviour, attendance, attainment or achievement, observed over the last 12 months.


Girls Active Wellness Transformation

The Wellness Transformation award recognises a notable improvement in a students wellbeing from increased confidence and improved social skills, to a more positive body image and improved physical wellbeing – as a direct result of increased activity or sports performance, observed over the last 12 months.


Girls Active Inspirational Ambassador

This award recognises a female student who has gone above and beyond to get other girls engaged in physical activity or sport. This award will champion an inspirational leader, and positive role model for other teenage girls.

Terms & Conditions

  • Schools making nominations must have been part of Girls Active programme either by attending teacher training or Girls Active Camp
  • The age range for nominations is 11-16
  • By entering you agree that we may contact you for further information
  • Winners agree they are willing to be part of a film / photo story about their journey through Girls Active to celebrate and showcase the impact of the programme
  • The deadline for all nominations is midnight on 23rd June 2017

“Girls need desire, confidence and social support to be physically active”