Clemmie Telford Latest Girls Active Ambassador

Clemmie Telford

Influencer, podcaster and campaigner Clemmie Telford is the latest ambassador to be announced for the Girls Active Awards 2019.

Clemmie is known for her honest, funny and often emotional accounts of everyday life, being the creator of the ‘Mother of All Lists’ blog, No1 Podcast Honestly along with her series of List Live Events. Having not had a positive experience of sport at school herself, now as a mother of three, she’s keen to talk about how sport can be for everyone.

“I feel like a real-life statistic” says Clemmie. “I was the girl who learned to hate PE. Loss of confidence. Searching for excuses not to participate. Fast forward 25 years and I ADORE working up a sweat and frustrated and saddened to think of the wasted time NOT having exercise in my life…. Which is why I am thrilled to be an ambassador for Girls Active and want to pour my energy into helping the girls ‘like me’; the ones who think sport isn’t for them and prove it can be. Not just that, it can be something they love.

“I have two sons and a daughter and I want the playing field to be level for them in everything they do – including finding and being encouraged to participate in a physical activity that brings them joy!”

Clemmie joins the awards programme as a judge and ambassador and will be joining the winners at the awards event in London on the 6th November.