Football: not just for boys!

Sophie Willis has always loved sport. Rugby, football, cricket… you name it, she probably plays it. Through sport, she has made new friends and grown in confidence. She was encouraged to join a local boys’ football team by people who told her she’d be more likely to get scouted that way, as they felt there was less interest from scouts in girls’ teams. Despite this, she joined Parklands Tigers and plays alongside other girls who love football just as much as she does. Sophie has found that there are more obstacles for girls who want to get involved in sport, such as fewer clubs to join, which is why she works so hard to encourage other girls her age to get involved. Although she prefers sports which are traditionally more associated with boys, Sophie recognises that they don’t appeal to everyone, and set up an extra-curricular club with a mix of activities that she felt would appeal to girls with lower participation levels in PE. After organising it, promoting it and running it herself, she’s seen the number of girls go from two on the first week to twenty girls coming on a regular basis. She wears her Girls Active hoody with pride and is  real role model to others.