Great Marlow visit Oxygen Freejumping

One of the GLAM award winners from Great Marlow School in Buckinghamshire has shared her experience visiting Oxygen Freejumping. Thanks to British Gymnastics and Oxygen Freejumping for supplying this prize.

“We set off after school and once we arrived we went to the café that overlooked the park. At first glance, we could all see how entertaining this was going to be as there was a variety of activities you could do and two floors! Once we had waited, we entered the safety briefing where we were clearly informed on what we could and couldn’t do. Then we entered the park.

“As there was so much there it was difficult to choose what to do first but we quickly decided and ran over to the foam pit. As well as professional trampolines there was jumping on an air bag, obstacle courses, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball and even a reaction game. You would jump on a trampoline and smack the glowing light while your opponent would do it at the same time, personally it was my favourite! We also had an interesting time trying to complete the obstacle course as it showed to be a lot more difficult than expected.

“Before leaving a few videos were taken of leaders performing flips as well as a group photo of us attempting to all jump at the same time.

“Even though it was extremely tiring we all jumped until the very end and it is safe to say that we definitely all enjoyed ourselves that day and look forward to more trip.”