Hannah Holsman

Hannah Holsman, from South Dartmoor Community College, was nominated for the Inspirational Ambassador category in the South region.

“Hannah used to cause a few issues in school! She would get in trouble, but thankfully never seemed to in PE. She was an ideal candidate right from the start, and she has been instrumental in the success of the Girls Active Committee (GAC). Although Hannah has suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome, it never affected her commitment. She inspired girls into rugby, as well as help run the JustDance Club for lower school students. Her commitment to what she believes in means she has played a huge role in the success of girls sport – her assistance with assemblies for ALL female students ensured she was a familiar face. Her attendance to weekly meetings to generate new ideas has been appreciated and her ability to ‘get on with things’ means there have never been things left undone. After the weekend in Loughborough, the GAC wanted to start an innovative GIRLS ONLY club! Boogie Bounce was born! They soon realised they needed a large amount of funding in order set up such a high cost activity so they applied for Sportivate funding so they could purchase 16 mini trampolines, train an instructor and purchase incentives such as t-shirts and water bottles. It was a huge success, running for 5×6 weeks, but they wanted to do more so they set up a Loyalty Card scheme. Every girl at SDCC now has a card and collects a sticker for each club they participate in. They then receive prizes which increase in value the more stickers they collect- thanks to external funding, we could purchase prizes. We have seen a massive boost in club numbers and more importantly we are seeing attitude changes and language changes: ‘strong’, ‘lean’, ‘toned’ replacing ‘skinny’. This would not have happened without the hard work of our committee.”