Hellie Pascoe

Hellie Pascoe, from South Dartmoor Community College, was nominated for the Inspirational Ambassador category in the South region.

“Hellie wasn’t initially considered for the Girls Active Committee- she came along to the selection meeting with a couple of others because otherwise she would have been left by herself that lunchtime! But wow, what an impact! She was vocal and thoughtful with her ideas, and she was bright and bubbly in her demeanour- she made an immediate impact on her peers and teachers. Hellie suffers from chronic fatigue, but the GAC has increased her own participation as well as inspired others. She is a member of the rugby team, and now attends Devonport Rugby Club! Her down to earth and approachability means she has played a huge role in the success of girls sport. She attended every weekly meeting to help generate new ideas and raise any issues girls faced and she was key in contacting Assistant Principals to take suggestions to the Governors with regard to the PE uniform with positive changes made as a result. The GAC wanted to start an innovative GIRLS ONLY club so Boogie Bounce was born! They realised they needed a lot of funding to set up such a high cost activity so they applied for Sportivate funding so they could purchase 16 trampolines, train an instructor and purchase incentives such as t-shirts. It was a huge success, running for 5×6 weeks, but they wanted to do more, so they set up a Loyalty Card scheme. Every girl now has a card, collecting a sticker for each club they do. They then receive prizes which increase in value the more stickers they collect- thanks to funding, we purchased prizes. We have seen a massive boost in club numbers and more importantly there have been attitude and language changes: ‘strong’, ‘lean’, ‘toned’ replacing ‘skinny’. This would not have happened without the dedication from Hellie.”