If you have a passion for something then go for it!

Amy Nugent. I am 15 years old and I am currently in Year 11. I was given the opportunity to be nominated for the Girls Active Award last year for the category of Wellness Transformation which I won for the North Region.

I have always had a strong passion in sport as I believe it empowers both men and women. As a young female myself I believe that more young girls should be given the opportunity to do whatever sports they would like to participate in.

In my Highschool I led a Zumba warm up for my peers. I was then offered the chance to lead an after school club for Zumba in school. To help get inactive girls active, I led an assembly for each year group (yr7-yr9) which everyone participated in to raise money for charity, this helped to demonstrate to everyone that exercising can be fun!

Along side hosting Zumba clubs, I also have my own Youtube channel, Meme N, where I upload Zumba routines and many other videos.  This means that students and other people can interact with me but also learn the routines at home to build up self-confidence. I have put one at the bottom of this post as a taster!

 If you have a passion for something then go for it! Make an impact in the world, whether you lead a warm up or become a world champion, do something that will make you feel good about you. My favourite quote that I use is “Never let fear decide your future”.