‘It doesn’t matter what you look like… just have fun.’

Isobel, 16, was once a nervous teenage who avoided sport of any kind.  Now, she is someone who enjoys everything from yoga and dance to athletics, Tae Kwon Do and basketball. Showing people what she is capable of through sport helped her to combat the voice of doubt in her head. Once she overcame her initial nerves, she was surprised to discover she was a natural leader, and now even leads her peers at lunch clubs. She applies her newfound self-confidence in other everyday situations too, such as standing up and speaking in assembly. She bounds into school in her Girls Active top, proudly showing off her status as a leader. She is determined to make sport a positive and enjoyable experience for the other girls, especially those in younger years, by offering sound advice and gentle persuasion. Her motto is: it doesn’t matter about your size or what you look like, it just matters that you enjoy yourself and have fun.