Louisa McClintock and Riley Morris on their Girls Active experience

Louisa McClintock

Taking part in the Girls Active scheme has enabled me to do the most incredible things in and out of school. I have been able to build my confidence in my ability and inspire others to do the same. By far, the most rewarding experience I’ve had over the past year is the opportunity to travel to the Houses of Parliament at the end of October for the 2018 Girls Active Awards – at which I was lucky enough to be presented with the ‘Personal Growth’ award. 

I was nominated for this award by one of my friends in recognition of all the effort I have put in and all the things I have achieved over the past year. After our initial introduction session in January, myself and the rest of the GLAM Squad (Girls Leadership And Marketing Team) have worked tirelessly to improve the already fantastic image of sports at LGGS. My main focus was to encourage and promote dance, especially for the younger girls that lacked confidence or were not given the same opportunities as their peers. I held focus groups with groups of younger girls in which I asked what they would like us to do for them and what they felt was the biggest barrier stopping them from achieving things they thought to be impossible. We took this information forwards and tried to weave achieving this goals into all the work we did.  

At sports week I led a Waacking dance workshop, and throughout the year delivered workshops of all different styles. This year I led another workshop for International week and started Dance Fitness Club. As well as this I managed to revamp the dance notice board outside the dance studio, which now both provides information about the dance timetable at LGGS and celebrates the amazing talent of the girls at school with a picture display of different dance and gymnastics events. However, my biggest achievement has to have been the dance showcase, where I not only worked alongside girls in Year 7 to produce a piece of dance but also delivered a speech about the positive impact that sports can have on mental health by sharing my own experiences.

Riley Morris

Being a Girls Active Awards winner at school has enabled me to develop my leadership skills in sport. I was appointed as a coach for the younger girl’s football team in my school. I have learnt how to motivate and inspire other girls and help them continue to become well skilled, confident young athletes. I hope to continue my journey as a Girls Active Leader changing girls perceptions of sport.