Netball Star Beth Cobden Shares her School Sport Experience

As the England Netball team bid to get through to the final of the World Cup this week, Girls Active spoke to England and Adelaide Thunderbirds’ star Beth Cobden. Despite injury ruling her out of the World Cup this Summer, she’s getting set to return to Australia to play this Autumn and is rooting for the Roses to make it through to the finals and be crowned victors this weekend.

Q: What was you experience of sport when you were at school?

A: I loved school sport. I played anything and everything and it represents some of my fondest childhood memories. We had a great netball team which is where I met lots of my good friends, and I was fortunate enough to go on two tours to Barbados which was the highlight of school for me.

Q: So, what got you started in Netball?

A: I have played netball since I was about 10. My mom used to play and she got me involved as a kid. I’ve always loved it but I’ve had a few bad injuries along the way, tearing my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) 3 times. Although it can be tough it has made me resilient and given me chances to do things outside of sport in life.

Q: How important was being part of a team to you?

A: Being part of a team is what makes it all worthwhile for me. I love being in a group of women all looking out for each other and trying to achieve the same thing. You make some of your best friends in sport so it makes it even better when you go through the journey having fun.

Q: How can programmes like Girls Active help girls to support each other and get involved in sport at school?

A: I think this programme is awesome for girls. Sport really has so many benefits which should not be underestimated. It can be intimidating doing sport if you do not feel fully confident so getting together with a group of girls who are all like minded is the best way to get over the pressure some may feel. Supporting one another in this way is empowering for women and can drive others to get involved.