Overcoming Anxiety with Zumba

Amy, 14, had suffered with serious anxiety for a long time. Coupled with a lack of self-confidence, this impacted every aspect of her life. The turning point came when she began attending Zumba sessions outside of school. Despite being shy, she was surprised to discover she liked them. She learnt the routines off by heart and eventually had enough confidence to volunteer to lead a class as part of PE lessons. The other girls loved it so much that they asked for more, which lead to the creation of an afterschool Zumba club. Not only did Amy organise the club and offer to lead the sessions herself, but she ensured that everyone felt welcome. She promoted the club with posters and stood up in assembly to talk about it. She would never have dreamt of standing up in front of the whole school before she found her confidence through her love for Zumba. The club was such a hit with the girls that the staff demanded to join as well! Now Amy leads routines for her peers and teachers alike. She constantly rehearses the routines so that she can lead them effectively, and has never missed a session. She has used her own experiences to help others improve their confidence.