Pittville School GLAMS

Nominated for the Best Team category in this years’ Girls Active Awards, the team of GLAMS from Pittville School in Gloucestershire have made a big impact in a short space of time.

Meeting every week, the team quickly took the Girls Active project on and formed a close dynamic, set out lots of activities, meeting regularly with their teacher as well as their Headteacher, whom they set targets to meet for the school too.

“I love the fact that they each have different reasons for becoming Sports Ambassadors” says Mrs Crowe, their PE teacher who nominated them, “and for whatever reason it is, they are immensely proud of this role. They have taken the whole project and made it their own”.

The team have introduced participation matches that run alongside house matches, created a ‘Buddies’ group supporting some Y7/8 students that lack in confidence to look out for them around school. They’ve also put on a lunchtime club working on physical activities the girls feel comfortable doing and they’ve created their own video to inspire more girls to take part in physical activity.

The GLAMS shared the following quotes about the work they’ve been doing;

“Every girl counts”

“Some girls feel they aren’t good enough”

“Everyone enjoys teambuilding, with teambuilding, everyone has something to add.”

Nominations close on Friday 19th July.