Representing the School

If you saw her now, you would never guess that Regan O’Brien used to be the girl desperately trying to get out of PE lessons. She used to suffer from low self-confidence and a lack of self-belief, which meant she tended to give up easily. Just before Christmas, her class started volleyball for the first time. Regan was surprised to discover she had a real talent for the sport, and as a result, her confidence soared. She enjoyed the sessions so much that her teachers managed to persuade her to join the afterschool club. She was unsure at first, but mustered the courage to give it a go. Since then, she’s not looked back once. She is in line to represent the school next year, and potentially Thameside Volleyball, something she once could never have imagined. As a result, she now encourages others to have a go in PE lessons, and provides ongoing support to her peers. She was previously on report, but her attitude has totally changed and her teachers are delighted to see this reflected in her schoolwork.