Rhea Groves

Rhea (in yellow) leading her Girls Active group’s warm up

Rhea is nominated for the Personal Growth Award and is from Slated Row School, a special educational needs school in Milton Keynes.  

Having joined Slated Row at the beginning of year 9, having been in a mainstream school up until this point she was negative about herself and about having Downs Syndrome. Rhea was a very timid, shy girl. Initially, this meant she wouldn’t join in during lessons or Girls Active but after coming to watch the Girls Active sessions things changed. 

Enjoying the music, Rhea started to join in sessions and soon shared that she liked cheer leading, which the school began to try, booking an outside coach to come in.

“Now she is joining in all the time and will lead the warm up and stand in front of a group” says Mrs. Byrne, the teacher who nominated Rhea.

“This has brought her out of her shell and we have seen she has a great personality and sense of humour”.

This growth in confidence and commitment to encouraging others has led to her nomination in the 2019 Girls Active Awards.