Roxanne Pegg

Roxanne Pegg is nominated for the Personal Growth Award in the 2019 Girls Active Awards and is from the Bluecoat Wollaton school in Nottingham.

Being extremely quiet at school can mean you face challenges in joining in with others, particularly when it comes to sports activities and teams. As a selective mute, Roxanne was really quiet at school in Year 7 and 8. This year however, she has shown determination to develop into her role as part of the Girls Active programme, which has had a huge influence on her.

Roxanne has been leading dance classes at lunch and after school every week as well as choreographed a group of Y7s who performed at the Sports Awards in front of 100s of people. Not only that, but she organised buying leotards for the group of girls so that they felt part of a team too.

“Roxanne has totally transformed as part of the Girls Active programme. She now oozes confidence and is eager to run more clubs. Not only is she confident and proud to be one of our GLAMS, she has had a massive impact on her peers” says Mrs Jones, the teacher from Bluecoat Wollaton who nominated Roxanne.

Roxanne is pictured in the middle of the photo.