Building Self-Belief through Sport

Knowing how daunting it can be to get involved with sport, Chloe (left), is passionate about building the confidence of younger girls. Her teacher nominated her for the Committed Learner category after watching an incredible improvement in her schoolwork since she became involved with the Girls Active leadership programme. Chloe had always been a good student, but when it came to self-belief she was seriously lacking, which negatively impacted her participation in class. The newfound confidence that came with her role as a Girls Active leader saw her concentration and effort in lessons double. She has also worked hard to organise events for other students, which she juggles with her workload even as she nears exams. She has been the real driving force behind the Girls Active club which now takes place every Wednesday and has seen a great turnout. Students are given the opportunity to try sports they wouldn’t otherwise participate in, and volleyball in particular has proven wildly popular. Chloe now has the confidence to speak in front of large groups and to encourage her peers to get involved with sport, which is something she feels very strongly about.