‘Take advantage of this opportunity’

2018 Girls Active Awards winner Louisa McClintock talks about why you should nominate someone for this year’s awards

Nominations for this year’s Girls Active Awards are open! If you feel that someone in your school is deserving of this prestigious award – I highly recommend you nominate them.

I was nominated for the ‘Personal Growth’ award by one of my friends with support from the PE department, and I have never thrived more in the school community since.

The awards ceremony was nothing like I have ever experienced. It was an honour to be able to be in a room with so many talented sportswomen, students and members of the community. Pride was abuzz all around the room from the moment we walked in, you could tell how proud we were of one another and how much respect we all had for getting this far.

For me, winning the ‘Personal Growth’ award has opened up so many doors. Since winning in October 2018, I have gone on to become a member of the Youth Panel for the charity YoungMinds, have become a Year 11 leader for the new GLAM Squad and even managed to build my own website to promote sports at my school.

The confidence I have gained from this has been unimaginable and nominating someone for an award is an opportunity to boost confidence and build opportunities. I highly recommend you take advantage of this brilliant opportunity.

Click here to nominate a girl that has made a difference to sport and P.E in your school.