Trying New Things

In the past, Gracie struggled as an overweight girl who was reluctant to participate in any kind of physical activity, whether in PE lessons or not. Her self-confidence was extremely low as a result. Her PE teacher put together a group for girls with lower participation levels to encourage them to find activities they enjoyed in a safe environment. The girls got to try boxing, spinning, handball and fitness training. Gracie flourished in the group and discovered that she loved the activities they tried, especially the fitness sessions. Over the course of the programme, she lost a lot of weight, but most importantly, she became fitter and stronger. This gave her a newfound confidence to participate alongside the rest of her year group in core PE lessons. She is now a healthy, happy fourteen-year-old who not only enjoys PE but plays on the school’s rounders team and plays tennis outside of school. As a result of her positive experience, she works hard to promote sport to younger students.